We have a very brief form (that gets printed from our inventory database,
so it has the make/model/serial of all equipment assigned to them) that
simply states: 
I understand that I am responsible for all district-owned equipment in my
possession, and that I may be held liable if it is lost, stolen or
damaged, as determined by the district.
Then they and the person who gave them the equipment sign the form and it
gets filed away.  I don't add specific language about the equipment being
off-site or on-site because it's easy enough to damage a laptop or a
camera regardless of whether you're in the classroom or at  your house.

During the summer, most staff with laptops want to bring them home for
classes or summer work they're doing.  For those who don't want to bring
their portables home with them, they bring them to me and I lock them away
in my closet (only IT has the key) and they pick them up during inservice.
 Otherwise they are wholly responsible for the safety of their items.

Melissa Hayden-Raley
IT Technician
Milton Town School District

School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>As we are starting to get more "portable" equipment, staff are asking to
>take equipment home.  While we encourage this, heaven knows they don't
>have time at school to "try-out' and play around with new tools, we feel
>there needs to be basic guidelines.  
>How are other schools dealing with equipment being taken off site?  Do
>you have a form that must be signed?  What are staff liable for - damage,
>loss, stolen equipment? 
>If anyone has a form they don't mind sharing, that would be great.

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