Has anyone used the Flip Ultra 120 at their schools yet?  We purchased two
dozen over the summer for our schools, as the four 30-minute cameras that
we had for signout last year were extremely popular.  However, these 120s
are NOT as friendly.

My primary complaint is that the software requires admin privileges to
install.  This isn't to load drivers or add hardware, this is just
software to edit clips.  I decided to install it on my own laptop to see
what it's doing... it does a simulataneous login as the local system
account to install itself.  Not only that, but it inexplicably loaded the
System account desktop (?!) which for the average teacher is going to be
quite the WTF moment.  I've had a couple of teachers report to me that
once they get past the installation, when the software tries to save an
edited file, it will simply hang partway through, with an ominous "do not
unplug the device!!" message.  

So far, these have been nothing but a frustration.  As an alternative to
temporarily assigning admin privs and walking through a crazy installation
just to use iffy software, the only other choice I've found is to walk
them through locating their video file (mp4) on the camera and running it
through a converter so that they can use Windows Movie Maker, which
everyone already has.  

Am I the only having a tough time with these?  Does someone who's been
using them for longer have some words of wisdom?

Melissa Hayden-Raley
IT Technician
Milton Town School District
Need computer help?
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