You should always go to the owners manual first, as there are a number
of different battery types and what works well for one type may not for
another.  If your laptop uses lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries,
no cycling or complete discharge is necessary.  Some modern batteries
can become permanently damaged through a complete discharge, typically
through polarity reversal.  Most batteries of this type have built-in
protection to keep them from being completely discharged, but I suspect
this might not help if an already discharged battery is then left in a
closet for a couple of months over summer vacation in a school setting.
It's probably a good idea to completely charge all batteries before
storing them away for long periods of time.  Again, Read The Fine

Steve Barner
South Burlington Schools

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Subject: laptop battery cycling

What do people do about maintaining laptop batteries?
The advice I've been given is to completely discharge them once a month
or so.

First - does this advice agree with your opinion/experience?
Second - if you do this, how do you go about it, and keep from having
the laptop go into "sleep" mode?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Sigurd Andersen
PT Tech Coordinator
Walden School
Walden VT