What are the minimum memory requirements for these tools.  Have you been
using it on either netbooks or machines with less than 1 gig of RAM?

Is the pricing you are talking about lower than the Level 3 CLP pricing (see
message from Peter Drescher below)?


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Date: Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 2:02 PM
Subject: More info on Adobe contracts
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Hello all:

Earlier today, I posted a message about Adobe licensing for Vermont schools
through Burlington School District.  Late this morning after a couple of
questions, Kevin McGrath, our Adobe rep for Vermont, sent along this earlier
and more complete message about the program and all of its nuances.  I am
copying it here.  Please contact Kevin or Simon if you have any other
questions about the application process. They are your best bet as far as
getting the right information.  (their contacts are at the bottom of this
copied letter):

Dear Vermont K-12 Schools:

We are very pleased to inform you of an opportunity for significant price
savings on software purchases for Vermont K-12 schools. On July 17th, the
Burlington School District renewed its Level 3 CLP agreement (best and
lowest prices for licenses) with Adobe Systems. School districts and
Supervisory Unions in Vermont may complete the simple online application in
order to obtain their affiliate CLP number and take advantage of the Level 3
discounts. In the past, only the largest districts were able to meet the
minimum orders to obtain this best CLP pricing for their software purchases,
while districts with smaller purchases had to use the more expensive
Transactional License Program (TLP) and single unit education licensing
prices. We encourage your district or supervisory union to complete their
online application today in order to tap into the deepest discounts.
I am reattaching the instruction sheet on this list...if you don't wish to
open attachments, let me know...I'll get it to you directly.

This two-year agreement runs through July 31, 2010 and offers a tremendous
potential savings for all Vermont K-12 schools/districts.

What does this mean for your school/district?

·        This is a voluntary program open to all Vermont K12 schools,
providing the opportunity for schools to purchase any education software
title in any quantity at the Adobe CLP - Level 3 price lists. This list is
the best Adobe pricing offered in education. For example, before the
Burlington School District CLP was signed, a single license of Acrobat 9
Professional was $159 SRP. Now, under the Adobe CLP Level 3, the price for a
single license of Acrobat 9 Professional is only $56 SRP.
·        There are no minimum quantity requirements to be met in order to
take advantage of the new Adobe pricing.
·        Purchases can be for faculty/staff machines, school labs, student
laptop programs, or for administrative office computers.
·        When buying software, schools/districts will order the number of
licenses needed, plus one set of media (Windows and/or Macintosh) needed to
install their licenses. Documentation (user guides) are available as an
optional purchase. An Upgrade Plan (also called Maintenance or "upgrade
insurance") is another option available under the Adobe CLP.
·        You will place your orders directly with your chosen reseller,
using your assigned CLP number.
·        Schools are still bound to all standard licensing agreements, such
as ensuring that proper copyright protections are followed.

New in 2008 for VT K12 Schools – Adobe K12 School Site Licenses!
Vermont high schools and middle schools (and elementary if they choose) can
now purchase a Creative Suite 3.0 K12 School Site License as part of the
their Adobe CLP that allows for installation on up to 500 computers and
comes with a bonus 50 teacher home-use licenses for a single school. The
most popular CS3 K12 School Site License right now is CS3 Design Premium
which comes with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Dreamweaver,
Fireworks, and Flash Pro. The price for that site license is $7499. In 2007
that same price bought just 25 licenses for a single 2008 you get
500 licenses for your school and the 50 teacher home-use licenses. That’s
the Macromedia influence of the Adobe-Macromedia marriage shining through on
the new Adobe. For those schools looking to pick all of the key Adobe CS3
products there is the CS3 K12 School Site License for Master Collection
which includes 12 software titles for print, web, video/audio and electronic
documents/forms. This license covers both Windows and Macintosh software up
to the 500 installations and the 50 teacher home-use licenses. Order both
Windows and Macintosh media when ordering your CS3 K12 School Site License.

More Details on Adobe CS3 and the K12 School Site License:
Adobe CS3 K12 Site License Overview (9 min presentation - watch inside your
Adobe CS3 K12 School Site License Datasheet:
Adobe CS3 K12 School Site Licenses FAQ:
Adobe CS3 Design Premium Datasheet (with system requirements):
Adobe K12 Instruction Resources:

Where can you place your software orders?
As an Affiliate Member under this Burlington School District agreement, your
school/district can obtain a current CLP price list and order licenses
directly from any Adobe authorized CLP reseller and referencing your
district/supervisory CLP number on the purchase order to that reseller. To
view a list of Adobe Education CLP resellers, visit this site and run a
search for ALL:

Please pass this information on to your district purchasing offices,
technology managers, superintendents, and principals.
If any questions on Adobe software offerings please contact your authorized
CLP reseller mentioning that you are entitled to Adobe CLP Level 3 pricing
or contact your Adobe EDU contacts listed below:

Simon Park
Adobe System – Inside Account Manager
[log in to unmask]
Kevin McGrath
Adobe System – Field Account Manager
[log in to unmask]

Peter Drescher
Education Technology Coordinator
Vermont Department of Education
120 State St.
Montpelier, VT  05620-2501
802.828.5149 (ph)
802.828.6563 (fax)
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On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 9:38 AM, Darth Vining <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>  I love Adobe’s Elements suite of software, but there are a couple gothcas
> with the older versions.
> Adobe is heavy on temp files and these tend to be stored in the local user
> profile in Application Data.  I haven’t used the 4.0 version in a few years
> so I can’t remember exactly how to move the temp files, but that might be
> the issue.  Try to point the whole thing to a single area and put that on
> the flash drive.  Also, be sure all the media is contained in the same
> folder, I know this can lead to duplicate files… but, in my experience this
> tends to solve a lot of flakey issues and bad mojo.
> The new version is 8.0 and you can get this as part of the Digital School
> Collection for $80.  What’s nice with this is that you get Premier &
> Photoshop Elements, Contribute, SoundBooth AND Acrobat Pro (Digital
> Portfolios made easy… wicked easy).  You can also purchase a maintenance
> agreement with this so you will get the latest versions (they update every
> year).   Something like this sounds like a no-brainer for a media lab, but
> it gets pricey when we talk about 100s of seats.  I did have a chat with an
> Adobe rep on this specific suite of software and we could get the cost down
> to almost $30/seat with maintenance if we all got together and bought as a
> collective (that’s based on buying a few thousand seats).
> Food for thought and I’m happy to work with Adobe to on this for us if
> enough people are interested.
> Mike
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> *Subject:* Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0
> I inherited many copies of Premiere Elements 4.0 for Windows and overall I
> really like it.  The interface is clean and simple, and I'm really impressed
> with the software's ability to quickly burn a project to DVD (unlike
> iMovie).  But there's a significant problem I can't figure out and need some
> help.  The students save their work to the local machine and also copy it to
> a flash drive.   When their project contains .jpegs or clips from other
> media, the project is fine for several days but then parts of the project
> simply disappear.  The time line shows the name and length of individual
> segments, but no data.  On these clips we get a message which says some
> media is missing, and the program attempts to find the files.  Nada.  This
> often happens when a student imports an image and saves it to their
> documents and then inserts in into Premiere Elements.  The frustrating thing
> is the fact the students can go back into the project many times and
> continue editing, and then one day it's all messed up.  It seems like the
> link to the file is broken, but I also can't find the file anywhere in the
> system.  Is there some way we're supposed to be archiving, or something else
> we're supposed to do to save this work and continue editing later?  This is
> not an issue with content imported from a DV tape or other student created
> video media, but still images/.jpegs or clips ripped from DVDs simply
> disappear after a week or so.
> Drew
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