We've been using an HP 3550 in our lab for a few years now and it has
been hammered with print jobs, as it's the only color printer the
students have easy print access to.  We don't get many garbage print
jobs, even with the open access.  We talk with students who print large
documents, but most kids are good about asking before printing something
unusual.  Consumables really run up the budget, with four cartridges for
around $100 a pop.  We've gone through a single transfer kit and a fuser
over the years, both over $100, and a small forest of trees to keep it
fed with paper. Consumables other than paper run us about $1,600 a year.
We use remanufactured cartridges almost exclusively, usually from
Vermont Toner or Gov Connection.  Gov Connection has proven to be the
best source for consumable modules, like the fuser, beating DepotAmerica
handily in both price and delivery time.

Steve Barner
South Burlington High School

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Dear List:

Looking for a suggestion about a network color last printer.

small workgroup sized

NEED basic driver (windows) no 1/2hr installs (some of the HPs can be if
if it insists on loading THEIR photo editor, etc) WANT a model that is
new but proven or has long availability (so that I can order similar
units a year from now)

if you have one that you love or hate, I would appreciate knowing.


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