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> Are we holding on to old ways in a way that impedes forward moving  
> approaches to problem solving (such as matching new learning  
> approaches to the exponential increase of information available). [?]

I ran across a similar question earlier today ... so I'll add it here ...

     Will the 'smartbook' be a better Netbook?
     by Brooke Crothers
     November 22, 2009 6:00 AM PST

     The "smartbook" aspires to put the smartphone into the laptop.
     Will it be able to elevate an Apple iPhone or Motorola Droid-like
     experience to a larger device, or is it just more marketing

Most of the questions seem to start out with a "from where we are  
today" approach ... the netbook is really just a notebook, the  
notebook is just a more portable desktop, the desktop is a (not very  
personal) PC, the PC is a minimainfame ...

In the meantime, my cell phone has full access to google, wikipedia,  
the new yor times ... and no one hase every asked me how many tweets I  
can make in an hour (some students do more than 100 !)


To Lucy's point, the "smartbook" will at least be a textbook with  
wikipedia, google search, google books installed. But you will have to  
use it at home since the school network will block all of this ;)