Quoting Stephen Barner <[log in to unmask]>:

> I wonder if the Wintermute server is still in Steve Cavrak's office,
> buried in the back corner of some closet.

Wonder no longer.

Wintermute 1 was a DEC Ultrix (BSD Unix) system.  It died a hard drive  
death (taking along with it Ecomuse, a mud/moo/muse that contained  
ecosystem models for folks to build and explore). Gone wherever UVM  
recycles technotrash.

Wintermute 2 was a Dell 486 Red Hat System. I can't remember what  
death it died, but died it did. It used to host websites for ECHO and  
a few other places. It was also consigned to the technotrash heap.

Wintermute 3 was a Sharp Zaurus running Linux. Yep, a handheld, It  
still lives, but only for about an hour or so at a time ... batteries  
are the weak link.  Alas, it never got a firewall permit at UVM so  
never had user accounts on it.

Wintermute 4 ? Not sure about this ... the XO OLPC model appeals more  
to me now.

> I'll never forget the look on a Russian exchange student's face when he
> got a reply to the first international email message that was sent from
> South Burlington High School.

I have a similar experience with a high school student who had managed  
to get an IRC connection to a friend he met in Israel during the first  
Gulf war. That was just when we were clamping down on that type of  
activity. A chat with him convinced me that the Internet was more  
potent than I had imagined.

... who types about as fast as his brain can form the thoughts, about  
30 words a minute