We’ve used PowerSchool for several years.  My understanding is that 50% of the schools in Vermont use it.


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I recommend holding off on selecting a new SMS, if possible.   Lisa Gauvin at the DOE shared:


The state is submitting a grant (due Dec 4th) to the feds for a statewide SMS.  If it is approved in May 2010, a proposal for vendors will be posted.  The proposed time line is then:

- A vendor/software would be selected around October 2010. 

- The process of bring a few schools on board would start in January 2011.

- Other schools would be brought on-line in a two year time frame


If it happens, the grant would cover the initial software and hardware purchase, as well as training. 


Tentative plan is for an off-the-shelf product that would be hosted at one location, to which all schools would have client and/or web interfaces.  There might be local hosting at some larger schools with a nightly sync to the state server.


There are lots of pros to this scenario.  The major con I see is the practicality of pulling it off. 


Vermont's population is that of a medium sized U.S. city.  Many cities of one SMS for all of their schools.


I believe that Maine has tried such a system with mixed success.


Disclaimer: The above scenario is my interpretation and memory of what I understood Lisa to convey.  Any errors in representation are probably mine.



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>>> Tim Bourne <[log in to unmask]> 11/24/2009 11:24 AM >>>
Does anyone have any suggestions about selecting a student information system. If you have recently gone with a new system it would be helpful to hear your experiences. I'm constructing a matrix and want to make sure all considerations are in it without being overwhelming. I would really like to hear from those of you who have a success story to tell.

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