Re: Free Antivirus ... In NH many schools use Sophos and so NHSTE has worked a deal for reduced pricing that is also available for VT schools.


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I think you may be replying to someone else - at Winooski, we use Symantec Antivirus and keep the licenses nice and legal - for these home computers though, once they are in the hands of the teachers, they no longer belong to the school and are really the responsibility of the teachers to install antivirus. I'm giving the teachers a head start by choosing a free product for them. If it is true that AVG is only free for a year, I'm going to go with the Microsoft option. I want *something* in place because the first place they will turn on the computer is in the school and I care about the school owned computers.  :)


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Personally, I wouldn't put my job on the line to cut corners on licensing in an organization. I would rather use something that is clearly free for whatever I am using it for or pay the appropriate fee. Several years ago, a school district in CA (I think it was LA) was audited because they had been egregiously ignoring licensing rules for all kinds of software and faced being fined over a million dollars. A settlement was eventually reached but very costly.


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We use AVG at school, paid for version. I was taken aback by the
doubling of the price this year but the system works well. We have 3
years now until the current license expires so I will look for
alternatives in early '12. (Assuming I have not lost my job.) Picks
up things which are not really viruses. That is irritating. But,
picks up all kinds of problems before they happen because someone
opened an email they should not have or goes to a web site that is
not friendly or has a "bug" carefully implanted. It has been a very
good product.
I use AVG free at home. Have been satisfied and it seems to work
well. Getting to be more of a hog though. Turned off automatic
updates on my oldest laptop. I do manual when I don't need to use the
computer. Really sucking resources, big time.
However, Jesse's post is correct. But........ This is education and
dare I say, especially now, cutting corners might be defensible.
I would suggest that Peter might want to comment on the State's
attitude regarding "free" vs paid for software use in education. How
does VT stand on "breaking the rules" software wise? Someone has to
set the standard/lay down the rules. A "position paper" on software
use/licences would be valuable to the troops who might have to
confront administration with potential "true costs" in terms of tech
infrastructure. Meanwhile we all just do what we can to keep things working.

My feeling anyway,

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>I have used Avira in the past and have been satisfied with it.
>However, I do not think that they are free unless it is for personal use.
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>I'm going to be configuring thirty Acer Aspire One netbooks for
>teachers to keep after taking an in-house technology class. Before
>installing the free version of AVG, I'm wondering what other free
>antivirus programs you are installing out there other than AVG.
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