I've been playing with alternate firmware for the Linksys wireless
routers.  And, I have to say I'm very impressed with DD-WRT
( as a replacement to the basic firmware.  The
improvements in control are astronomical.  There is another one of note
called Tomato (, but DD-wrt had more
hardware options.

Take a peek, it's worth some time.


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We use linksys wrt54g wireless routers.  We shut off the DHCP server in
them, and then use only the LAN side of the router, not the WAN port. 
This way, we have an access point and a four port switch in one.  We
need the switch to connect the printer that's on the cart.  The other
advantage of these routers is they're pretty cheap, though there are a
lot of other models you could say that about.

These access points don't seem to have any problem handling the 24
laptops that are in our carts.  They do, after being in service for a
day or so, sometimes seem to lock up and need to be rebooted, but on the
carts, they get rebooted every time the cart is moved, so it's not much
of an issue. 

As noted in other posts on this forum, our HP 6735b laptops do have
major problems connecting with linksys access points in particular, but
that's also not an issue with our carts, we don't have these laptops in
any carts at this point.  HP is supposedly working on this.

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
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>We are currently using a mixture of old and new Airport Extreme Base 
>Stations - we currently have the same problem. The older ones need to 
>be reset all the time as they get confused. We are looking at the 
>Aerohive technology for the entire school district - in fact we're 
>having a test run of their technology in the high school next week for 
>a thirty day test period.
>Bryan Thompson
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>Winooski School District
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>I am wondering what people are using for WIFI access points to allow at

>least 16 to 20 computers to connect in a single classroom. We have run 
>into an issue in one of our classrooms where we are using 16 Acer 
>Netbooks. We are only able to run around 8 of them before our Dlink 
>DI625 gets overloaded. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
>Paul L. Monette
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