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A coalition of leading environmental pressure groups in Nigeria who 
met recently to study the development initiative of US billionaire 
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Alliance for a Green Revolution in 
Africa (AGRA) and recommended that Africa should not be a dumping 
ground for unverified technologies such as genetically modified crops.

Participants drawn from around the continent rose in unison to 
declare the need to build knowledge and resistance to land grabs on 
the continent and other non-ecological agriculture that threaten 
African agriculture and food sovereignty.

Mr. Nnimmo Bassey stated that GMO and the agrofuels initiatives 
promoted by big agribusinesses only aim to erode Africa's traditional 
systems of farming and contamination of indigenous seeds in favor of 
engineered varieties.

The communique noted that "a new form of colonialism driven by 
agribusinesses has been unleashed on the African continent that 
threatens livelihoods, ecological balance and portends new forms of 
resource conflicts on the continent.

They must also shun all donor-driven funds that will not support 
indigenous solutions to hunger in Africa."

The groups also demanded that African governments take adequate steps 
to protect local farmers and the entirety of Africans from unhelpful 
schemes that have created hunger and food shortages on the continent. 
Over 27 environmental pressure groups singed the communique at the 
end of the summit.

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