This item forwarded by Michael Balter. There have been numerous reports
about this in the press, including the New York Times, but this comment
by Marc Cooper captures the essence of things.

Internet technology for the people, even those critical of their


Sent to you by Michael via Google Reader: Cuba to Bloggers: We Beat You
via Marc Cooper by Marc Cooper on 11/7/09

Here's the latest development from the First Free Territory in the
Americas: Cuban security agents picked up prominent and dissident
blogger Yoani Sanchez off the street and beat her when she resisted
getting into the car. She was later released but is still barred from
traveling outside of Cuba.

Sanchez is guilty, of course, of what we generally calls Thought
Crimes. She doesn't do anything dangerous. She does the same you thing
you are doing. She sits at her computer and types on er keyboard. Of
course, for governments that fear their own people, this IS dangerous

Yoani's blog is one of the best available. Before you spew your
justifications for muzzling her, why don't you take ten minutes to read
what she writes and then ask yourself which side are you on?

UPDATE: Given the general blockade of outgoing information imposed by
the Cuban government, there are conflicting reports now as to whether
or not or to what degree Sanchez was beaten. We know she has a bruised
shoulder and neck. It's possible that State Security only roughly
pushed her into a car against her will. New Socialist Man, and all. Or
maybe just plain, old-fashioned and cowardly goons beating up a
defenseless woman.

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