We already have an archive/website at 
It is possible to download the scanned piece from there. Is  that  
sufficient? If all uploaded articles are listed according to the title  
SftP MAG and date, etc. it should be possible to find them. It will of  
course not be possible to search for topic words if the documents are  
scanned without  OCR being performed on them.



On Nov 4, 2009, at 6:48 PM, herb fox wrote:

> The attached piece is a scanned OCR version of Bazin's contribution  
> to Vol 5 No.6, Nov 1973 SftP magazine, then the bimonthly  
> publication of SESPA.
> One comes through is the deep, sincere and self-sacrificing  
> commitment of Maurice.
> In a week or two i will have contacted those who volunteered to  
> commit to gradually getting SftP magazine on line.  We will set up a  
> schedule (more or less).  Michael Goldhaber, could you communicate  
> w/ Steve Cavrak for the best way to handle this.  The simplest would  
> be for each portion to appear on the list and then go into the  
> archive.  However if Steve can get a UVM website for us, an archive  
> on a website would be more useful (widely available)  We would then  
> still post here but someone could take responsibility to transfer  
> each posting to the website (a very undemanding webmaster, so to  
> speak).  Another possibility is to connect w/ the Brits and have  
> them archive them on their website.  I'm sure there are other  
> possibilities.
> herb
> <Bazin.SftP.VolV.No06.doc>