No large groups of ducks were observed today on a trip from Grand Isle south along the lake to Charlotte. Some highlights, however, from each stop:

Shelburne Pond:
Long-tailed Duck 1 

Sandbar Access:
American Black Duck  18
Mallard  13
Green-winged Teal  5
Ring-necked Duck  51
Hooded Merganser  1
Great Blue Heron  1
Red-tailed Hawk   1
Belted Kingfisher   1

Sandbar State Park:
Common Goldeneye   22
Common Merganser    1
Common Loon    1
Bonaparte's Gull   10 (best sighting of the day with five of them floating in the still water right next to the shore)

South Hero Causeway:
Ring-necked Duck   1
Common Goldeneye   7
Common Merganser   1
Horned Grebe   2

Shelburne Bay:
American Black Duck     1
Mallard     6
Bufflehead     2
Common Merganser     11
Common Loon     5
Great Blue Heron     1

Charlotte Town Beach:
Bufflehead     7
Common Loon     1
Horned Grebe     4

Finally, a group of 25 Wild Turkeys was observed along Route 7 in Leicester.

Sue and Marv Elliott
Roy Pilcher
Tracey Busony