Nice find Roy!

  Last Feb 9,09  on the southern end of Lake St in Bridport, Bill Julbert 
and I had what looked like a dark morph Redtail or a Harlan's type Redtail. 
I decided that it was most likely a juv Rough-Legged dark morph because 
after looking at my "bad" photos of it I couldn't see a better ID. However a 
few days later someone else reported on VTbirds seeing a Harlin's type in 
same general area.
Did you get any photos? If so, would you email me one or two to compare with 
the bird I saw last Feb?

Good Birding,
Peter Manship
Ludlow Vt

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Roy, I have seen one dark-morph Red-tailed Hawk in many hours spanning 25 
years of observing in Vermont.  The point being; anything's possible and you 
saw what you saw.  They may be more prevalent in the west but they do occur 
here. Ted Murin has reported a dark morph Broadwing and many (including me) 
have seen albino and leucistic Red-Tails. Hawks are more variable than many 
other birds species.  One more reason to love them!

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> Observer's final stop of the day was East Creek in Orwell, [Garganey site
> in 1988]. Initially not a single bird was seen but then a buteo passed
> overhead first observed at about one o'clock going away.! The bird was 
> dark
> gray, black primaries but with no banner marks as viewed in the ventral
> position. Completely black and gray. The birds flight was leisurely but
> direct, progressing in a southerly direction with several deep flaps 
> followed by
> a glide. Red tail in size.
> What are the chances of a dark morph Red-tailed Hawk? This observer has
> not seen one in Vermont!
> Cheers,
> Roy Pilcher
> The Gables at East Mountain, Rutland, Vermont
> Speaking the same language.

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