A terribly confused and misguided Clark's Nutcracker?

Steve Antell

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Mockingbird is a good guess, if this wasn't too far north.

Surely not a Gos, since they're a big, chunky bird, are either 
dark slate gray (adult) or mottled brown and buff on the back 
(immature), with long tails that have broad bands and no white 


Peter Manship wrote:
> Could also be a Northern Mockingbird which has the white outside tail 
> feathers, is generally grayish in color, is smaller in size but flying 
> could look pileated size at a distance.
> Peter Manship
> Ludlow Vt
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>> How about a Northern Goshawk?
>> Bob Crowley
>> Chatham, NH
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>> Subject: [VTBIRD] mystery bird
>> Hey all--
>> I have a mystery bird, but very few details, maybe not enough to go on...
>> A couple of mornings ago, a large bird swooped over my car and into a
>> neighbor's yard -- my first thought was raptor.  By large, I mean
>> Pileated-sized.  It flew low over the yard, glided, pumped its wings a
>> couple of times, and headed back into the trees, much higher.
>> The thing was all gray on the back, and all I could see were distinctly
>> white tail (coverts?) feathers on the outside of the tail, which was
>> otherwise the same color as its back.  The colors were clearly 
>> delineated. It reminded me of junco coloring.
>> Gos?  Any other guesses?  The mystery is bugging me...
>> Thanks!
>> --justin