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No problem with this being a Yellow Warbler - the yellow eye-ring, pale 
tarsi, bright yellow underparts, and the relatively broad yellow edges 
in the coverts settle that. I don't think this is a female, it looks 
more like an immature male to me. For what it's worth my two latest 
Yellow Warbler observations for Vermont (pre-e-bird era) were an 
immature female in Burlington on 26 October (1975 I believe) and a a 
bright yellow individual (either adult female or young male) on 1 
November in North Hartland (can't recall the year, it was in the early 
to mid-1980s). So this bird is not as much of an outlier as the late 
date of 19 October in e-bird implies. The record late date for 
Massachusetts is from early December (1 December in Veit & Petersen, but 
I think there have been later ones recently).

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Peter Manship wrote:
> I have posted two images  of the  female Yellow Warbler on my blog . I 
> received and email suggesting that it could be a Orange-crowned Warbler, so I 
> would welcome any input about the ID of this late season warbler.
>  on or off Vtbirds
> Here is the link:
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