Hello fellow birders.

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This morning I joined the local Audubon group at Dead Creek to observe the 
Snow Geese and any other birds visiting the area. The attendance was pretty 
good, probably 35-40 people. Within a few minutes of my arrival Ted Murin 
spotted the Ross's Goose with his powerful optical rig and he graciously 
showed several people. It was grazing in the near side of a very large flock of 
Snow Geese (2000 ??). I took some images with my 300mm lens but I had to 
blow up the image about 200% to make birds features easily seen and 
compared. This is my first attempt uploading an image to the VTBIRD list so I 
have included a link to my flicker page in case that the upload does not work. 

Other birds seen were: Snow Bunting (30-40), Norther Harrier (2), Red-tailed 
Hawk (1), Mallards (16), Great Blue Heron (1), Canada Goose (150-200). I left 
early so I am pretty sure that I missed some interesting birds so we should be 
seeing other posts real soon about other sightings. 

To the Green Mountain Audubon Club I say "Thank you" for providig an 
excellent educational opportunity. 

Ross's vs Snow:

Large flock flying:

 Fernando B. Corrada