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< .... Sulphurs in Bennington today. Kevin >>

Last Grand Isle MONARCH observed on Oct 19th.

  There are still a few CLOUDED SULPHURS in Grand Isle.
three Nov 10th (One in each of three locations). 
one   Nov 8th and a question mark.
one   Nov 1st & Oct 30th.
five  Oct 26th and a comma (a good year for Eastern & Gray Comma).
twelve Oct 19th.

ORANGE SULPHURS eliminated by the hard freezes Oct 15th to 18th.

Last CABBAGE WHITE, Oct 26th, despite the broccoli still available.

Last Northern Pearly-Eye Larva, Oct 19th: 
   larva either safe within leaf litter by Oct 25th, 
   or eaten by a deer which had nipped off the larva's leaf.

Dave Hoag, Grand Isle