I'm sure that many of you have heard of Google Wave.  In case you haven't, you can read more at

In a nutshell, Google Wave is supposed to change the way we communicate and collaborate.  We'll see about that, but I thought it might be interesting to see how this might work on a professional level.  For those of you with Google Wave accounts, I've created a 'Public Wave' on the new PubMed interface where I ask three simple questions.

1.       Do you like the new interface?

2.       What do you like about the new interface?

3.       What do you dislike about the new interface?

To find the Wave login to Google Wave and search:
with:public Do you like the new PubMed Interface?

See this screenshot:

You should find the Wave and will be able to join and add your input.

If you do not have a Google Wave account, ask some colleagues.  Google Wave members are sent some free invites to pass along.  There have been a rash of invites out there recently so hopefully someone can help you out.

A few things to note:

1.     This is very new technology - so it's not polished.

2.     We may get spammed at some point - Public Waves often do.

3.     The key to this is to play with the technology and see what its 'potential' will one day become.

Anyway, big thanks if you have some time to experiment with me.  I will bring all the PubMed feedback to this list so that everyone can see what was said.


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