Yes, we use Irfanview and I will be resizing. I was just being lazy.  :)
But, yes, I would love to have them do it but time is short and I 
actually will not see this group again until January.
But, did they have a wonderful time and it is appropriate that I 
thank those who were part of the earlier discussion. I would add that 
we also worked in a lesson about appropriate behavior and appropriate 
representation. I was a little concerned with giving them freedom but 
they got the picture, no cigarettes, no middle fingers, no skimpy 
bikinis, etc. Yes, they giggled a lot but, they got the message. So, 
we accomplished two lessons anyway.

That being said, in prep for next year, anyone have an easy color# 
chart? Just a base chart of some kind. The kids all wanted to change 
hair color but you seem to need to put in the code as opposed to 
"picking" a color. If not, I can make one up for this exercise this summer.

Thanks again,

At 09:21 AM 12/3/2009, you wrote:
>Use Irfanview, a free image viewer extraordinaire, to resize the
>avatars. It's incredibly easy to do.  You could also gather up all the
>students' avatars and do a batch resize in Irfanview.
>Steve Barner
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>Regarding an old subject:
>Note the two avatar sites that were preferred and they even get through
>all our network security measures. (Woopee). Has anyone found a way to
>reduce the pixel dimensions before downloading? They come down at 95X95
>and we can't post anything larger than 84X84.
>Regardless, I expect to have a grand time tomorrow with our 4th graders.
>My thanks to all who participated in the discussion. They will love this
>before they get the down side of doing homework over the Internet.
>Sure, I know that my dilemma can lead to further instructional
>possibilities but I have the students for an hour every other week and
>there is a lot to cover.
>Thanks, I can't see anything that would do that on the sites.
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