From a strict K-6 standpoint:

The technology committee of the school has decided that the school 
will not be involved in creating/approving individual email accounts 
for our students. This decision came about upon reviewing a lot of 
problems, many of which have been mentioned. Personally, I supported 
this position on technical concerns.
However, even for the K students, I have applications that are used 
in their education where it would be of great benefit if we could 
have assigned emails for them.

To confuse matters even more, while doing a brief survey of 4th grade 
students just for reference as we prepare our Internet Safety 
curriculum, I found that 50% or better had Facebook or Myspace 
accounts, and/or were involved in gaming forums. This is fourth 
grade. I am afraid to ask the third grade the same question.

I agree with the premise that most have espoused here. I still have 
to deal with parents that are really afraid to have their children 
involved in the Internet while I have other parents who seem to not 
care at all what their children are up to. From on high, a clear 
directive would be helpful.  And, yes, technology policy templates 
from technology people and not the Vermont School Boards Association 
would be of great benefit to all.

On the other hand, you know, I already see a great deal of "stimulus 
money" being totally wasted. Totally wasted in education as well as 
other pursuits.

This is VT. Cannot we all agree on the goal and do it? (Real 
technology policies for a real world.) We do not want Fed money 
because of the various strings attached. Like VT in so many ways for 
so many hundreds of years, can't we just set things as a priority and 
do it ourselves and then share it with the rest of the country?

I suspect that what we, collectively, see/want/envision for the 
future will not meet the "standards" set in Washington.

But, I would really like to have email accounts for all my students. 
Meanwhile, I am able to create a lot of "fake" accounts under my 
business system if the assignment warrants it. They can't use it but 
it works for creating accounts for various applications.


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>I agree...great idea, Joanne.  I'm tired of struggling with these 
>issues alone.  Of course, local control will rear its (ugly?) head, 
>but it sure would be nice to have some clarity on the legalities.
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>I think this is a great idea, Joanne!  Peter, any thoughts or comments
>on this?  Or anyone from VITA learn have any ideas on how something like
>this could be started or accomplished?
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>Having just spent hours working on a committee to write guidelines for
>what can or cannot be posted on the school website for one of our two
>middle schools, I'm wondering why we haven't had this discussion at the
>state level.  If we all chipped in together to hire a lawyer to draft
>the guidelines (AUPs, Web Permissions, etc.), for all the schools in
>Vermont, how much would it cost each school?  Is this something that
>could be done with stimulus funds? Seems to me that we are all
>recreating the wheel again ... and again ... and again.
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>I believe this issue has been discussed earlier on this List but I
>I would bring it back as it is presently on my radar.
>Student email...
>The question... If you create an email account for students (like
>a Gmail account for them) or, you ask students to use their existing
>account to sign up for a web 2.0 site to use for a class project or
>assignment, what liability does the school/district take on if something
>inappropriate or illegal occurs through said email account?
>Have you addressed this issue  in your IT Policies and Procedures?  If
>how in-depth does it go and do you feel it really covers the district's
>How are you all handling this issue?
>Does written parental permission to allow them to have an email account
>use for school preojects cover the liability issues?
>Additionally, can there be a generic permission for them to use their
>email accounts for educational projects... for all occurances... or do
>have to get permission for each invividual instance when a student is
>asked to use  their email to create an account on a site?
>Thanks for your ideas and comments.
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