I use, hosting as low as $6.95/month.
Multiple domains at no extra cost - so I've added multiple WordPress sites
to my personal bluehost account for use at Walden School at no cost.
Bluehost (as do other web hosts) has a "simplescript" to install WordPress -
setting up a new site (at a domain name you've registered) takes a few 
Hosted on bluehost
   go to - a "gateway" site to wordpress sites -
   I set up the "everest" site, others are being done by teams of 8th 

Am also using free hosting at
On (3rd grade teacher's site, set up with my 
help, now almost entirely updating on her own)

WordPress software is free, and there are lots of free plugins to add 

Sigurd Andersen

Steve Jarrett wrote:
> Chittenden East Supervisory Union is researching external web hosting 
> of its school web pages that will include templates and maybe some 
> options such as calendar, survey, notification and intr_a_net.
> Please share:
> - your external host' name, if you have one
> - links to your web sites
> - your pro/con experience with vendor
> - what features do you recommend
> Thank you,
> Steve
> Steve Jarrett
> District Technology Supervisor
> Chittenden East Supervisory Union
> (802) 858 - 1729
> (fax) (802)899-2904
> This e-mail may contain information protected under the Family 
> Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If this e-mail contains 
> student information and you are not entitled to access such 
> information under FERPA, please notify the sender. Federal regulations 
> require that you destroy this e-mail without reviewing it and you may 
> not forward it to anyone.