At the request of our school board, we started an eNewsletter last year.  We tested a couple and settled on for cost and ease of use/flexibility.   It is inexpensive, we use the email credits instead of the "pay monthly" feature as it is more cost effective.  We purchase enough units for  the school year (about two newsletters a month) -  at the total cost of under $70 for the whole year (we have about 250 families currently subscribed).  The more units you purchase, the lower the per unit cost.

There is a reporting feature that shows how many opens, followed links, etc.  On average we have about a 55% open rate and followed links vary depending on what links are included.

I have been using the Email Canvas which allows much more flexibility than the Wizard.  It takes about 30 minutes. I just copy and paste (office emails me an electronic copy of what they are sending out)
and add some graphics.  They have an image library (all are stock photos) and you can upload images.   I also add tables and horizontal lines to make it easier to read and to know where the articles break.

It also has surveys and calendar features that we have not used.




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How is that any different from a listserv?
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Our school is considering using an e-mail service called Mail Chimp to distribute our newsletter electronically.  Using this service would allow families to sign up and to remove themselves from the e-mail list.  A certain number of e-mails are free, then there is a fee based service.  We are wondering if any of you have experience with Mail Chimp or a similar service and what your successes/pitfalls/recommendations are.  Thanks!  

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