We (St Johnsbury k-8) have a few laptops on our cart missing a key. We don't
replace them. They live with it, & I think peer pressure will win out. At
some point they will need to touch type. - RickM

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Subject: keyboard protectors for laptops

We seem to be having more and more issues with kids prying leys off laptop
keyboards.  It's impossible to watch every one of them every second.  One
solution proposed is keyboard covers.  There's at least one company out
there making them for many common models of laptop.  Has anyone tried
these?  Do kids just  tamper with these instead of the keyboard, or does
it really put a stop to it?  Any other experiences worth sharing?

Note that we've never had these problems with desktop keyboards.  What is
it about the laptops that makes this so tempting?  We sometimes have runs
on certain keys, like a bunch of Ps will disappear, or the delete key also
seems to be popular at times, so I don't think thiee is just random

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
Brattleboro Union High School District # 6