Lauren and others interested in Teacher Technology Proficiency:

If you have a discussion about Teacher Technology Proficiency please  
have it here as well as the Wave. I am interested in joining. Several  
years ago I collected information from several sources (Milken,  
enGage, ACOT, CBAM) to develop a developmental model of teacher  
proficiency using IT in learning situations. At that time not too many  
folks were interested so I never finished the work - I retired instead!!

Let me know if you get a discussion going.


On Dec 9, 2009, at 4:23 PM, Lauren Parren wrote:

> This sounds like a great Wave discussion, doesn't it?
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> In West Rutland, we faced the same question about a year ago... I  
> did some research and concluded 1) "tools" for measuring technology  
> skills are either for research and not skills-based or skills-based  
> and not validated; 2) the "tools" that are around are out-of-date  
> (severely)-- I showed them to high school students and they laughed  
> "who really does that anymore?" was a typical response.
> So... I drafted a list of 30 things that I think are "essential  
> skills" for educators, and we have been working from that... the  
> list I put together is on Lulu ( 
> ) and also on my web site (
> I am in the middle of drafting the second edition... I am not sure  
> this is what you are looking for, but it is our solution to a  
> similar problem.
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> Subject: Teacher Technology Proficiency
> Does anyone have technology proficiency requirements of teachers in  
> your school or district?  We are considering a "required" check list  
> of skills or proficiency and hope to update them based on the new  
> NETS-T.  Of course, then we have to decide how to assess these  
> skills, so any information about how your district or school does  
> any formal or informal teacher assessment of tech skills would be  
> appreciated.  Privately/off list is fine.
> Thanks in advance.
> Joanne
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