Please .… Save the Date.

Join us at 2:30 PM on Wednesday January 13, 2010 at The Getaway at the
Hartford Area Career and Technology Center in White River Junction, for
our first Southeast Regional Meeting of Vita Learn.

We’ll first get acquainted and share “what’s going on”around
technology in our region and then receive information about “the state
of our state” around technology from Arlyn and/or Peter. The main focus
of the program will be the continued re-emergence of the Learning Network
of Vermont and all the new features and learning opportunities it presents
for students in our schools.  Two local elementary school teachers will
share their many uses of the LNV in their classroom, including virtual
meetings with other students in other states, an LNV chat with Senator
Leahy, and the many programs available on The Center for Interactive
Learning and Collaboration.  After that, the floor is open to discuss any
and all tech topics and issues that we wish.

Refreshments and great conversation will be available at the meeting, and
there are some fabulous door prizes that all can win. All area technology
directors, tech integrationists, and classroom teachers are welcome. (If
you have a tech savvy teacher who works in your district that you might
like to invite, and who might not receive mail from this list or from
vtcite, please invite them!)  Please save the date. We hope to see you

Questions  ….  Please call or email John Minelli.  If you cannot make
it in person, we would love to have you join us via the LNV also.  Please
write me to let me know if this interests you.

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(603) 715 -0629

PS. In case of snow, we'll meet, same place and time, on Thursday January

John Minelli
Technology Integration Specialist
Hartford School District
245 Highland Ave.
W.R.Jct., VT 05001
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Office: (802) 295-8620 x215
Cell: (603) 715-0629