21st Century Skills is a term that is batted around a lot but I have not been able to find its origin form "Googleing" it (i.e. who coined the phrase).  

I know that the need for change and even "the skills" were laid out in A Nation at Risk.  The VT Vital Results that were written in the mid-1990s also describes the need to include "21st Century Skills" in to K-12 education but they do not call them "21st Century Skills."  Even further back in the Child, School and Society John Dewey very clearly explained what "21st Century Skills" are and why we need to move in this direction.  However, seeing Dewey was writing at the start of the 20th Century he did not refer to them as 21st Century Skills.   

Thank you for the reference to the 21st Century Workforce Commission Doc.  That information is very useful.

Rick Dustin-Eichler
Technology Curriculum Specialist
Windsor Central Supervisory Union
Woodstock, VT