Hi Amy,

I use something called, Meeting Room Booking System (MRBS)...  It's free
and web-based PHP/MySQL but it does take some effort to setup and
customize.  You need to be comfortable getting a LAMP setup going.  I
have mine running from its own Fedora box, and it's rock solid.
Teachers can login and reserve lab time on a first-come, first-serve
basis.  It makes a POP3 connection to our mail server for
authentication.  The nice thing is that you can run it by your own
periodic schedule.

Here's what it looks like:

Here is the MRBS site:

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Eric I Snay

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From: Amy Truchon [mailto:[log in to unmask]] 
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Subject: electronic scheduling of labs, carts, equipment


Hi School IT:


Are any of your schools scheduling the use of mobile carts, labs or
other equipment electronically- via Google Calendar? GroupWise Calendar?


What's working? What isn't? 


Is there anything that has revolutionized the scheduling process that
you can share?


Thanks so much!


Amy T.  




Amy Truchon 

Technology Integration Specialist
Burlington School District