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This particular pot of money in this article is from the "first ask" round of the stimulus grants that were sent out over the summer. Vermont was going to apply at that time, but held off until this month for the second round.  K-12 schools are represented in this by the Dept. of Ed. And we are one of a number of state agencies involved in the process.  Chris Hastings at Powerhouse consulting who many of you met at Vermont Fest is assisting us with our portion of this project.  

We are hoping for success in this endeavor, as I said the application has been sent out at this time. We'll know in early 2010, what we might expect from it.  

So, this article references money and projects that we are not part of yet, but hoping to be soon..


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is Vermont getting any of this $, is this new money, or the stuff we've already heard about?