Hi all,
I know it isn't end-of-year yet, but I was reminded about the issues we've had submitting the CIRS data and other state required info in the Spring by an adminstrator who recently attended a CIRS-DOE training.
We use PowerSchool to record discipline issues with all the state mandated discipline categories and subtypes, and I've had all too much experience exporting stuff out of PowerSchool, so I know I can get the data out!  What I'm curious about is what others are doing with SIS data regarding submitting the forms to the DOE.  Are you able to import successfully into their access databases, which I believe are now online databases?  Is it possible to go from SIS to DOE electronically without re-entering tons of data manually?  If not, why not?  I'm not well versed with the CIRS and other state required data forms process, other than listening to admins and their assistants complain about this every June.

Any thoughts or hints out there?

Rob Gervais
Technology Coordinator
Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union
Enosburg, VT 05450
802-933-2171 x33