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Have you seen the Milken Exchange Material - Professional Competency Continuum - Professional Skills for the the Digital Age? ( I think the material really helps identify what teachers need to know in a developmental sequence.. After I left VISMT I worked with VITA-Learning to produce some professional development experiences that used the Milken materials and ACOT levels to identify a teacher's level of development and then provide experiences that moved the teacher's skills to the next level. The work didn't get very far due to fact I was the only one developing it. I think the Central Region did a couple of sessions. 

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In West Rutland, we faced the same question about a year ago... I did some research and concluded 1) "tools" for measuring technology skills are either for research and not skills-based or skills-based and not validated; 2) the "tools" that are around are out-of-date (severely)-- I showed them to high school students and they laughed "who really does that anymore?" was a typical response.

So... I drafted a list of 30 things that I think are "essential skills" for educators, and we have been working from that... the list I put together is on Lulu ( and also on my web site (

I am in the middle of drafting the second edition... I am not sure this is what you are looking for, but it is our solution to a similar problem.

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Does anyone have technology proficiency requirements of teachers in your school or district?  We are considering a "required" check list of skills or proficiency and hope to update them based on the new NETS-T.  Of course, then we have to decide how to assess these skills, so any information about how your district or school does any formal or informal teacher assessment of tech skills would be appreciated.  Privately/off list is fine.

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