I also like PIXResizer at http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm. It will also resize in batch mode.

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Regarding an old subject:
Note the two avatar sites that were preferred and they even get through all our network security measures. (Woopee). Has anyone found a way to reduce the pixel dimensions before downloading? They come down at 95X95 and we can't post anything larger than 84X84.
Regardless, I expect to have a grand time tomorrow with our 4th graders. My thanks to all who participated in the discussion. They will love this before they get the down side of doing homework over the Internet.
Sure, I know that my dilemma can lead to further instructional possibilities but I have the students for an hour every other week and there is a lot to cover.

Thanks, I can't see anything that would do that on the sites.

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