Neil and others:

I probably did utter the phase several times in meetings, workshops,  
lectures during earlier times but I am not sure!! Has anyone "Goggled"  

“The current and future health of America’s 21st Century Economy depends
directly on how broadly and deeply Americans reach a new level of
literacy—‘21st Century Literacy’—that includes strong academic skills,
thinking, reasoning, teamwork skills, and proficiency in using  
-21st Century Workforce CommissionNational Alliance of Business

Our children live in a global, digital world – a world transformed by
technology and human ingenuity.  Many of today’s youngsters are
comfortable using laptops, instant messaging, chat rooms, and cell
phones to connect to friends, family, and experts in local communities
and around the globe. Given the rapid rate of change, the vast amount
of information to be managed, and the influence of technology on life in
general, students need to acquire different, evolving skill sets to cope
and to thrive in this changing society.
The federal No Child Left Behind legislation establishes technology
literacy as a core foundation for learning, calling for academic
excellence in the context of 21st century technologies.
The enGauge 21st Century Skills go a step further. Advances in the
cognitive sciences show that learning increases significantly when
students are engaged in academic study through authentic, real-world
experiences. The enGauge  21st Century Skills build on extensive
bodies of research – as well as on calls from government, business,
and industry for higher levels of workplace readiness – to define  
what students need to thrive in today’s Digital Age.

This is probably where I got the phase - I used the enGauge materials  
in several School IT audits that I did.

Take a look at

So the real answer is I "borrowed" the phase from others!!

Thanks Neil.


On Dec 3, 2009, at 10:02 AM, Neil Manders wrote:

> Does anyone know who coined the term "21st Century Skills"?
> I believe it was Frank Watson if I recall correctly ;)
> nm

Frank J. Watson
1 Lochend Ln.
Cheraw,SC 29520

"Let's put our minds together and see what life we can make for our  

Sitting Bull. Lakota Sioux, 1877