Here's a thought.

Teacher Technology Proficiency is very important to me also, but I would like to see state wide uniformity.    Could we set up a small Vita-Learn Grant to have a group of people create a set of guidelines and assessments and have them post it on

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hi joanne

in franklin nw su we created a teacher technology literacy certification program 4 years ago with a title 2d grant.  we created topics based on the vt tech ge's with the expectation that a teacher should have the tech literacy level of a student after 8th grade.  the program requires teachers to submit evidence for each topic.  when all are completed a certificate is issued.  there is no requirement to attend any training or workshops - just submit the evidence.  some pd is offered to groups who request it for a specific topic such as databases.

the local tech coordinator and i review the submissions and approve them or request some additional work

we are now beginning the process of updating the topics with nets-s and nets-t topics and web 2.0 but haven't had any teachers working on this updated program yet


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Does anyone have technology proficiency requirements of teachers in your school or district?  We are considering a "required" check list of skills or proficiency and hope to update them based on the new NETS-T.  Of course, then we have to decide how to assess these skills, so any information about how your district or school does any formal or informal teacher assessment of tech skills would be appreciated.  Privately/off list is fine.

Thanks in advance.


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