Bolton Valley, VT 12DEC2009


We headed to Bolton this afternoon with the boys for our first lift-served turns of the season.  For man made options they’ve got the Mid Mountain Chair serving the usual Bear Run/Sprig O’ Pine route, and the Vista Quad servicing the Sherman’s Pass route.  There was certainly a firm, manmade base underneath those routes, but they skied well with a nice amount of either natural or loosened manmade on the surface.  While the conditions on those runs were decent, they paled in comparison to how soft the snow was on the natural snow runs – our first was on Glades and after that I didn’t want to go back to where they’d made snow.  There are still a few rocks and bare spots to watch out for, but coverage is far enough along that one doesn’t have to worry about using rock skis unless they just want to ski everything carte blanche.  We eventually met up with Stephen and his kids, and found ourselves on Fanny Hill, which also served up excellent natural snow.  The mountain has also opened up some steeper natural snow terrain like Vermont 200, along with Upper Glades, Cobrass, and other Cobrass-area runs, but we didn’t venture onto anything too steep with all the little ones in tow.  I snapped one quick picture from this afternoon as we headed out for our first run down Glades:




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