Stowe, VT 13DEC2009
E and I were up at Stowe yesterday for a school ski program training day, and skied a bit on Spruce and bunch on Mansfield.  In general, there was great coverage on the snowmaking trails, and some slick spots in the steeper areas, but a lot of great loose snow.  We didn’t head off the snowmaking terrain while we were there, but I was amazed at how much natural snow terrain they had opened – I even saw Goat open from the lower entrance.  We were lucky to get Tom, E’s instructor from last year, and he really made the day fun with his vast assortment of teaching techniques that we’ll be able to use on the kids (and ourselves).  Being out there with him was certainly a great way to spend our first Stowe day of the season.  I heard mention that there was snowmaking on Perry Merrill, but it must have been early in the morning because Tom took us down it at least a couple of times and there were no guns going.  The day started out clear and cold, but by the end temperatures had moderated and it was snowing nicely – it was one of those days when you’re out on the mountain having fun and you may not have had time to notice it, but the weather did quite a 180 in the course of a few hours.  I added a few shots from the morning below:







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