Bolton Valley, VT 20DEC2009


E and I headed up to Bolton with the boys for a late morning session yesterday, and we did some laps off Wilderness.  Our routes were Lower Crossover/Work Road/Lower Turnpike for runs from the mid station, and Peggy Dow’s/Turnpike from the top.  The groomed conditions were the same excellent packed powder that I’d found on Saturday afternoon, except that the grooming was fresh.  Some strips of the trail along the edges were left without grooming as usual, leaving chowder around, and then there was still untracked snow along the edges to mix it up.  Ty wanted to Telemark, so we generally stuck to the trail and worked on some drills with him, and did the same with Dylan on his alpines.  We took occasional forays into the powder along the edges of the trails to test out the untracked snow, be we didn’t engage in any big explorations.  The various woods shots throughout the area looked well covered and lightly used though.  The temperature was around 10 F at the base area (2,100’), and I suspect a bit colder up at the Wilderness summit (~3,050’) but there was little if any wind, so it was comfortable as long as you stayed active.  The temperature might have been a drag if one wanted to focus on high-speed cruising however.



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