Left NYC on Sunday with 10 inches on the ground. The roads were clear and we
watched the snow disappear the further north we traveled. Very odd.

Well Monday we went to Mount Snow and dropped the boy to meet his crew at
Carinthia. Clear Blue Skies. Bitter cold and wind howling. Summit lift was
closed. On the walk from the car the wife bailed. My daughter and I geared
up and took a run down Snowdance. Got to the bottom and just looked at each
other. We didn't have to say a word. We called it a day. Today it's pretty
much the same weather wise. Dropped the boy and we're heading to Manchester
for some shopping and lunch at Northshire.

Previous to this the last time we were on skis was during an epic storm
cycle at Alta. Next week it's out west. President's week it's out west 2
weeks in BC during the spring. I'm pretty much just coming up so my son can
hang with his friends in the pipe and parks. I suppose if it snows a lot or
is beautiful and I happen to be here I'll ski otherwise I'm pretty much done
with SOVT skiing.

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