We looked once on our first run and shook our heads.  The second time we 
stopped and looked at each other with a nod.  
I told her I knew the snow was good.  She trusted me.  Rock and ice is not so 
easy if you're tentative.  
'One at a time, stop and look.  Trust your edges.'  
'Which way?'
'Not sure.  Maybe try the woods a little.'
'Side steping is ok.'  
'I Know.'
'Try a jump turn.  That's it.  Someone's coming.'
'I'm stuck.'
'There's soft snow there.'
'I'm not sure.'
'Count to 3 and jump. You can do it.'
'I'm not sure.'
'The snow is good where I am, come on.  Trust yourself.'

'1 2 3 go!'

'That's not easy ya did a good bit of skiing to get through that.'
'Thanks, let's go.  We have to get to Spruce for marshmellows and hot 

*We found out that Spruce doesn't start hot chocolate and marshmellows until 
tomorrow.  Starr without hot chocolate and marshmellows is horrible.

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