In my mind, after a hard day's skiing, few meals beat a hearty hamburger (and reeb). Turns out, in addition to the cheese and toppings, I'm also very likely enjoying ammonia. See this "article" in the Paper of Record:

I'm hardly surprised. For quite some time I've been aware of the horridity of ground beef. While pretty much all of our industrialized supermarket meat is problematic in some fashion or another, this article just confirms that I'm doing the right thing. Instead of buying ground beef, I purchase fatty steaks and chew them up in my food processor.

It's dumping here on the northern side of Boston. No skiing today, though. I shall be tuning with some of the new tools from Christmas (thanks fam!) and preparing braised capon stuffed with chestnuts and sausage (homemade from veal, pork, fat back, and port)--accompanied by a premier cru Givry.

BTW, any thoughts on what mushrooms to use in the stuffing? I can't afford truffles and haven't seen chantarelles or trompettes des morts in the local groceries...

Happy Silvester!

caveat carnivor
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