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>He was at work in the red office a few hours ago

Haha.  The gondi is the best office in the world.  Hope your crew found some

As far as a forecast for the next several days go, I really haven't looked
at it as much as I would've liked and unfortunately I haven't been following
the weather models as much as I have in the past, though I did set a
personal one month record skiing 28 out of 31 days on Mansfield (only missed
3 Saturdays).  Its also been a whirlwind of a holiday week.

With that said, I'd be very surprised if the northern Greens don't see over
a foot of snow by Monday.  This will definitely be a
further-north-and-west-you-go-the-more-snow-you-get type of event (ie.
Sunday Rivah and Sugarloaf look to get raked).  Atlantic moisture plus NNW
upslope flow for the Greens later in the event is going to spell the
potential for something significant as far west as the Spine.  It'll be
light and off/on snow through Saturday afternoon with minimal accums (3-6"
at ski areas) but I think Saturday night and Sunday the usual suspects along
the Spine could get smoked.  I could see 6-12" falling during that time
period at the resorts with snow lingering well into Monday.

Overall, storm totals should be significantly less in the lower elevations
and valleys as I think the orographic lift in the central/northern mountains
with strong H85 winds will really help the ski areas take this from a
nuisance event to something note-worthy.  Also, remember storm totals may be
over a 3 to even 4 day total so what is actually on the ground will not
reflect the true storm total due to compaction.  Ski areas could get 3-4" a
day and have a foot plus by the time its all done but it'll be constantly be
getting skied in.  If there was one or two days that would be a best bet for
powder it'll be Sunday or Monday. 

Happy New Year everyone,
-Scott B.

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