For Oven Project Members,

Thank you to all of you who attended the meeting tonight. Remember we  
are breaking into group meetings next week at 7pm in Votey (room TBA).  
As a follow up to the items covered in tonight's meeting:

     * Project Overview-

We discussed the reason for the project to explain to everyone why and  
what we are doing. The project can be viewed on the Engineers without  
Borders Website. If you need any more information send me an e-mail.

     * 5 Objectives-

1) Pan Schematics
2) Determine Builder
3) Computer Software Modeling
4) Determine Oven Variables
5) Model and Actual Building of the Oven

     * Regular Weekly Meetings-

- Business Meetings every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 7pm in  
Votey 207
- Building Meetings will be on Sundays at 1pm once the project is  
ready to be put together
- Weekly Group meetings will be scheduled for every other Wednesday  
night to keep consistency; however, groups can change meeting times if  
they find a day that works better for them

     * Dividing into Specific Groups-

1) Software [Cosmos and Solidworks] Group-
Greg Chere; [log in to unmask]; (203) 725-5427
Gabrielle Degama; [log in to unmask]; (585) 217-1527
Jon Galler; [log in to unmask]; (860) 395
Ryan Trudel; [log in to unmask]; (802) 989-0894

2) Building Group-
Mackenzie Kersbergen; [log in to unmask]; (201) 962-0823
Matt Grob; [log in to unmask]; (267) 614-1455
Spencer Fitzgerald; [log in to unmask]; (802) 989-4296
Halley Keating; [log in to unmask]; (970) 319-8881
Jesse Wiener; [log in to unmask]; (215) 370-5145
Liana Schneidman; [log in to unmask]; (845) 332-5170

3) Pan Group-
Liz Colletti; [log in to unmask]; (804) 344-0745
Angela Renna; [log in to unmask]; (908) 358-4280
*Welding- Greg Chere

     * Current Group Tasks-

Group 1- Begin using engineering software to put together pan and oven  
schematics on solidworks
Group 2- Draft up plan to figure out costs and materials needed to  
build actual test oven [adobe made bricks] and model oven [brick scale  
down version]
Group 3- Research companies necessary for the project [Blodgett (oven  
company), Metal supply, metal benders, welders, etc.]

*Note: Please make sure you create an outline of what you covered to  
send me before the next large group meeting on February 10, 2010

Remember to continue to get people interested in joining Engineers  
without Borders. I will send a reminder e-mail on Tuesday to remind  
you all about next weeks meetings. Please e-mail me if you have any  
questions or would like any other information.



Andrew Hughes
Alumni Volunteer Corporation Member
SigEp | Vermont Gamma
(207) 653-6070
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