Abby et al,

    I dont mean to sound like a prick, but if you could put EWB in the  
subject line, so that I would be sure to read the email, i would be  
much obliged. I get too many email and more than half are bullshit so  
weeding through can be a hassle. however i do want to read these and  
it would be mighty helpful.


Quoting Abigail Catherine Franklin <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hello Everyone!
> First I want to welcome everyone back to campus for the semester. I
> hope you all had a happy and restful break.
> Our first meeting of the semester will be this coming Wednesday,
> 1/27/10, in Votey 207 at 7:00pm. To help you with planning for the rest
> of the semester, the following is a list of dates for all chapter
> meetings this semester:
> February 10
> February 24
> March 17
> March 31
> April 14
> April 28
> These chapter meetings will all begin at 7pm and will be held in Votey
> 207. If there are changes I will notify you all ASAP. Individual Water
> Group and Oven Group meetings will be scheduled by project leaders
> separately, so pay attention to emails from your group leaders. These
> meetings will also be discussed in groups at our first chapter meeting
> on Wednesday, so be sure to bring any necessary materials.
> Also to be briefly discussed will be the budget, fundraising ideas, and
> officer elections which will be held March 31. Signs are up around
> Votey advertising our first meeting, so please encourage your friends
> and classmates to attend.
> Lastly, as it is January, active club member dues are due. They are $5
> for the year (until January 2011), and as an active member you are
> expected to attend at least five meetings per semester, be active in
> your project group, and take part in at least 2 extra activities,
> including fundraisers. You must also be an active member to take part
> in voting at elections. Please bring your dues to our upcoming meeting.
> Have a great second week back!
> Abby