I will be there.  


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Hi all, 

We have been starting up the HRSA grant meetings and thanks to all who
have been able to attend so far.  I think we are making excellent
progress on developing our grant proposals, but as always there is a
long way to go.  Looking at the response list, it appears that this
Friday looks reasonably good for a majority of the participants.  John
and I would like to ask as many as possible to come to the department
this Friday from 8-9:30 to review where we are now and to look at
possible roles and identify tasks.  Please come even if you don't feel
you have a significant role with the grants.  You have been identified
as being key to the process in one way or another.  We realize that it
won't be possible for a number of you due to clinical commitments and I
will keep you informed on how things are progressing and I am happy to
make time to meet with you separately, answer questions and/or to
involve you in any way possible.  

Thanks so much and hope to see you on Friday.  


Martha Seagrave PA-C
Director of Predoctoral Programs
Department of Family Medicine
University of Vermont
235 Rowell Building
106 Carrigan Drive
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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