From what I understand, an "ad hoc" international interdisciplinary  
Committee (International Union of Phlebology and International  
Federation of Anatomical Association) elaborated a revision of the  
venous nomenclature in the late 1990s.  The revision was accepted by  
the FICAT(Federative International Committee on Anatomical  
Terminology).   Now, with that said.. I'm not positive if radiologists  
per se where part of the group, but Im certain it was no all  
radiologists, in fact a large part of the group was made up of  
phlebologists such as Dr. John Bergan.  A good reference article is  
Bergan, et al.  "Tthe Superficial Femoral Vein: a potentially lethal  
misnomer". JAMA, 1995, 274: 1296-1298

Hope that helps?

Doug Marcum

Doug Marcum
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