I also reviewed the SVU guidelines and the ICAVL guidelines concerning spectral Doppler for DVT studies.  Both specify tracings at the common femoral and popliteal veins.  I didn’t see any discrepancy between the two on this issue at the moment (I personally obtain S-Doppler at more sites than this, but maybe I’ll tone it down now).




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Thank you everyone for responding.


Our lab take one spectral Doppler sample for each vein above the knee including the popliteal vein unless there is indication for more interrogation of a particular vein. Below the knee we use color Doppler and not spectral Doppler.


I reviewed the " Lower Extremity Venous Duplex Examination - SVU Professional Performance DVD Series" and it shows a single spectral Doppler exam at the common femoral vein. There is no spectral Doppler sample in any other vein.


Cross check between ICAVL spectral Doppler guideline and SVU Professional Performance DVD Series give me some confusion. For now, we will keep our protocol as above and hope that we all have a clearer standard someday.




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