I hope they do not abandon plans to have this (HR 1213) passed on its own 
merits, as the current "Health Care reform bills" appear to be dead, as well 
they should be.  The strategy of including this into dead legislation seems like 
they are putting a perfectly good and constructive bill into the garbage can.  
Unless they plan to pursue both routes to get this passed.

Sorry if this seems to be polically biased, but have you read the current bills, 
they do nothing to fix the current problems with the health care 
reimbursement system which makes it difficult for people without insurance to 
buy it.


On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 09:45:22 -0500, David Parlato 
<[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>The original SAAAVE act passed as part of the Deficit Reduction Act does
>require the AAA screening benefit be ordered during the Initial Preventive
>Physical Exam (IPPE) or "Welcome to Medicare Physical" in the first 12
>months of Medicare participation.  A fix to this restriction was introduced
>in the House in Feb 09 (HR 1213) "SAAAVE Act of 2009" which would unlink 
>IPPE requirement and extend the one-time screening benefit to male
>ever-smokers and female beneficiaries with family history, both from 65-75
>years old. 
>SVU, SVS and the other members of the National Aneurysm Alliance are 
>presently with supportive members of both houses to try to get language in
>the health care reform bills to evaluate and reduce barriers to this AAA
>benefit.  Incorporating HR1213 language in the much larger reform bills is
>felt to be the best strategy at this time. 
>Dave Parlato
>Chair, SVU Advocacy Committee
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