*Fellow UVMers,*

Welcome back!  It was a very long and enjoyable break, and I hope that you
enjoyed it.  We have a lot of upcoming events and I would encourage you to
read these emails because there will be very pertinent information that will
be given to you throughout the semester on topics including Haiti
fundraising opportunities, club events, student forums, UVM budget, and much
more.  I will continue to do my best in making these emails a clear,
concise, and constructive resource for you and I am always accepting
suggestions at [log in to unmask] to make it better.

First off, do you see yourself as a leader? Do you hold a unique view? Can
you utilize resources and be part of a collaborative effort to catalyze
change for the betterment of the university, it policies, and the experience
it provides for its students? Maybe you should run for Student Government
Association! The SGA is holding *Midterm Elections*, and packets and
information are available right now! The Student Government Association
(SGA) Senate is the official governing body for the undergraduate students
at the University of Vermont. The SGA meets Tuesday evenings at 7pm in the
Livak Ballroom. The SGA is comprised of 42 elected and appointed Senators in
seven different committees.  Elections will take place on the Lynx from
January 28-30, 2010. For more information stop by the SGA Office (third
floor of the Davis Center), visit our facebook group at or check out our
"announcements" page at

Are you finding yourself waiting in the cold for the campuses buses?  Well,
there is no need to anymore thanks to Nick Godin and Mike Fogg who have
launched their Blirpit project which allows you to text a number for bus
times and locations.  It is an awesome project and they have informed me
that there will be new features throughout this semester so watch out for
them!  Go to for complete instructions on how to use the
resource and updates on new features.

Finally, the SGA is looking for a new Minute Taker for this semester.  For
the description of this position and contact information please look below
in the “SGA Matters” of this email.

Thanks for reading this email and I wish you all the best with your first
week of courses!

*Important Announcement*

As you should know by now, Haiti is suffering from the recent earthquake
that has brought devastation to their country.  Resources are very scarce
and they will need as much help as they can find.  UVM has many avenues
right now for contributing funds, but there are a few on-campus events
occurring just around the corner that would love to have your participation.
 The first one is occurring *TOMORROW, January 21st* and it will be a
Candlelight Vigil for Haiti in which we are asking all members of the UVM
community to join as we stand in support of the people of Haiti and hear
information about how to get involved.

The second one is the Coffeehouse for Change being sponsored by Catholic
Student Association and the 2012 Class Council.  This event is free and will
occur on January 30th at Brennan’s Pub.  The organizers are still looking
for student participants and please contact the Catholic Student Association
if you are interested and willing to participate.

Both of these events are located in the next section of this email with
links to the SGA website where you can find contact information and more
It is imperative for the Haitian population and the affected families here
in America that we all make at least small efforts in contributing to the
relief efforts whether it is donating funds and/or participating in the
events on campus.  We hope that you can find some time in your schedule to
help and look forward to seeing you at the events!
*From the SGA President's email this week:*

-UVM Mortar Board Calls Upon Junior Standing Students!
-UVM’s Candlelight Vigil for Haiti, Tomorrow Jan. 21st
-Coffeehouse for Change: Haiti, Jan. 30th
-DC Delirium Extravanganza, Jan. 29th
-Good news! The U.S. Census Bureau is Recruiting Workers
-MLK Events
-This Week in Vermont Athletics

For more information on these items please visit

*SGA Matters*

   - *Are you looking for a part-time job or a work-study job on campus?  *

   - *Are you also a skilled typist who pays attention to detail?  *

   - *Interested in learning more about your SGA and staying up to date with
   the latest University issues?  *

Your SGA is seeking a new Minute-Taker, a position that pays and also
available for all students eligible for Work-Study.  This position requires
a Tuesday night commitment, as well as editing skills.    If interested,
contact SGA Vice President Kate Ash at [log in to unmask]

As mentioned earlier, the SGA is hosting a Midterm Election and want to
invite any interested students to contact us if you have any specific
questions you would like to ask before signing out a packet.  Those
questions can be sent to either myself at [log in to unmask] or Vice President
Ash at [log in to unmask]  All of the pertinent information about the election
details can be found at

*Next SGA Meeting*
Tuesday, January 26th at 7:00PM in the Livak Ballroom

For more information and resources visit

Bryce Jones
Student Government Association
University of Vermont

Dudley H. Davis Center
590 Main Street
Burlington, Vermont 05405
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