Back in November Michael Cosgrove reported a N Hawk Owl in North Derby. This
morning managed to head up there and locate (presumably the same) it. Bird
was very active moving around the fields.

Directions: Proceed on Route 5 through Newport, after crossing the bridge
separating South Bay from Memphremagog, Route 5 turns right and heads
uphill. At the traffic light where Route 5 intersects with Sias Avenue; turn
left on Sias. Go 4 miles north initially through a residential area and
eventually more rural. About half way you come to a "Y"; continue to go
straight(left) onto North Derby Road. At 4 miles you will see a VT Fish &
Game access sign right along the small Johns River. Just beyond the river, a
two vehicle garage, painted barn red, will be ahead on your right. The owl
was seen in the treeline behind, the trees next to, and across the road in
the treeline.

Be advised you are less than 1/2 a mile from the Canadian border. A couple
agents pulled me over shortly after I started leaving. During my 10 minute
conversation with them, they bought my story of looking for and seeing the
owl and I mentioned there may be other birders that come looking for it.
Headed off to the Island Pond area after that.

Had good results working/walking along Route 105 from the large pulloff at
the west end of Wenlock east to South America Pond Road. List is below.

The last highlight of the day came as I was heading back towards Island Pond
on Route 105 after birding Wenlock. 2.4 miles east of the entrance to the
airport in Brighton, I spotted a bird perched in the top of a dead snag
south of the road. Pulled over, rolled the window down, and through the
binos saw another Northern Hawk Owl. I no sooner got on the bird with the
binos, when I heard it make a piercing call and it flew down into the large
wet, alder swamp. I looked for a bit but could not relocate it.

Quite the day.

Location:     north derby road, Derby
Observation date:     1/17/10
Notes:     Bird reported and photographed by Mike Cosgrove in November 2009.
Bird very active, moving several times while I observed.
Number of species:     2

Northern Hawk Owl     1
American Crow     4

Location:     Moose Bog, Wenlock WMA, Ferdinand
Observation date:     1/17/10
Notes:     Birds observed in two groups both along Route 105 east to South
America Pond Road.
Number of species:     10
Gray Jay     4
Blue Jay     1
Common Raven     2
Black-capped Chickadee     7
Boreal Chickadee     3
Red-breasted Nuthatch     8
Brown Creeper     2
Golden-crowned Kinglet     3
Purple Finch     2
White-winged Crossbill     6